weekly or fortnightly - $38/hr

why Choose Our Regular Residential Cleaning Services

When you book in a weekly or a fortnightly clean with Magic Maids, the concept is that you will get the same cleaner or the same team (generally a husband and wife) on the same day and at the same time each week or fortnight. No need to phone and schedule each clean.


First clean – Our cleaners are charged out at $44 per cleaner per hour.


Second & Subsequent Cleans – If you book in a weekly or a fortnightly cleaning service, your second and subsequent weekly or fortnightly cleans are charge at $38 per cleaner per hour


Note: Our system works really well when the customer allows enough time for the cleaner to clean what needs to be cleaned to the standard that the customer wants.

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    We have copies of all our cleaners police clearance certificates and passports / driver’s licences. We have never had any issues. Our cleaners are generally between the ages of 30 and 60. Many of them work in partnership with their husband or wife.

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    Feel free to try us out. Put us to the test.

    We have no lock in contracts and no upfront payments. As long as you would like us to keep coming to your house or office to clean, then we would like to continue providing you with our services.

    If at any time you feel we are not satisfying your cleaning needs you can cancel with immediate effect. No penalties, no cancellation fees.


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    If you have no alternative you can give the cleaners a key (we are not responsible therefor). We prefer customers not to give keys to the cleaners. You can leave a key in an arranged place for the cleaner. We recommend purchasing a key lockbox (Available at  Bunnings). Your key can be locked inside the lockbox with a code to open the lockbox. That way only people with your code can get the key out and enter your house. Some lockboxes can be left in the meterbox, letterbox or somewhere else as determined by yourself. Others are designed to be locked on to the door handle.


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    We offer the perfect gift idea!

    Gift your friend / family member a number of hours worth of cleaning.