why Choose Our Commercial Cleaning Services

Our cleaners come fully equipped with all their own materials and all their own equipment, including backpack vacuum cleaners, so you do not need to worry about supplying anything.


Our cleaners are charged out at $39 per cleaner per hour for commercial cleaning, be it weekly, fortnightly, daily, one-off or vacate cleaning Perth.


If requested our cleaners are happy to replace toilet rolls and garbage bags if supplied by the customer. Please note our cleaner's do not supply toilet rolls, garbage bags or other office supplies. They just bring their only cleaning equipment and materials.



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The idea with our service is that we allocate you a cleaner or a pair of cleaners. We schedule them to clean for you on the same day and at the same time each week or fortnight. Unless they are sick or need to take leave, they will be at your office/shop as per the schedule

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There are occasions when our cleaners may fall ill or they may want to take a holiday. If your cleaner/s cannot attend to your cleaning as per the schedule they will advise you with as much notice as possible. Your options are either to wait for your next schedule or to arrange either a replacement cleaner or a replacement day/time slot with the same cleaner/s. Please phone our office to make these arrangements.


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If you have no alternative you can give the cleaners a key (we are not responsible therefor). We prefer customers not to give keys to the cleaners. You can leave a key in an arranged place for the cleaner. We recommend purchasing a key lockbox (Available at  Bunnings). Your key can be locked inside the lockbox with a code to open the lockbox. That way only people with your code can get the key out and enter your house. Some lockboxes can be left in the meterbox, letterbox or somewhere else as determined by yourself. Others are designed to be locked on to the door handle.


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We offer the perfect gift idea!

Gift your friend / family member a number of hours worth of cleaning.