Why Choose Our One-Off Cleaning Services

Do you require a spring clean. Perhaps you have a special guest coming for a visit or maybe your real estate agent has sprung a rental inspection on you. Whatever your reason for requiring a once off clean, Magic Maids is happy to assist.

Our professional cleaners come fully equipped with all their own materials and all their own equipment, including backpack vacuum cleaners, so you do not need to worry about supplying anything.


One-off cleans РOur cleaners charge $44 per cleaner per hour for one-off cleans.

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    Use this service for:
    Spring Cleans
    Special Guest Cleans
    Rent Inspection cleans
    Air BNB cleaning
    Monthly or bi-monthly cleans
    Occasional cleans
    One-off Clean Terms & Conditions

    Magic Maids cleaners come fully equipped with all their own materials and all their own equipment including backpack vacuum cleaners.

    Magic Maids provides an hourly cleaning service, whereby we charge per cleaner per hour. This service works really well when you allow the cleaner enough time to clean what needs to be cleaned to the standard that is required.

    You may have stipulated the number of hours that you wish to hire us for. Alternatively, we may have estimated/recommended the number of hours your clean will take. This is not a guarantee that the job will be completed in this amount of time. It is just a guestimate by yourself or by ourselves, so that we can try to make sure our cleaners will have sufficient time for your clean.

    Our cleaners are committed to providing the best clean they can in the time provided. If at any time you feel your cleaners are not providing you with a good cleaning service, you can stop them, pay them for the time they have utilised so far and send them on their way.

    If the clean is incomplete in the time provided, you are welcome to request us to utilise more time finishing the clean. This may require our cleaners to return at a later time.

    You just continue to pay the cleaners by the hour.


    You know what you would like cleaned. You know the level of detail that you want and you know the condition. Honestly you are the best person to determine how many hours the job will take.

    If you need assistance deciding how long you should request please phone our office to discuss your requirements and expectations with our office personnel.

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    Our goal is to clean to your satisfaction and to hopefully match your expectations.

    If you are present, then you can inspect our work and confirm that you are satisfied. Naturally if you are not satisfied then we can spend a bit more time attempting to match your expectation.


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    We offer the perfect gift idea!

    Gift your friend / family member a number of hours worth of cleaning.