Whether you need regular, one-off, vacant premises, or commercial cleaning Perth, Magic Maids cleaning services will take care of everything for you, around your home and office.


Our cleaners come fully equipped with all their own materials and all their own equipment. You do not need to worry about supplying anything.


Our cleaners purchase the best cleaning products for the tasks they undertake. You do need to worry about not have the correct cleaning products. We schedule your cleaning at time that is convenient for you.


The success of our business is built on securing long term repeat customers. We do not require you to sign any contracts. As long as you are happy with the service, we are happy to continue to provide it.

House Cleaning Services Perth

You can cancel the service at any time. No prepayments, no contracts, no cancellation fees. This ensures that our cleaners maintain the high standards cleaning.


Our management team naturally gives work to our best cleaners first. Those that are more likely to secure us satisfied customers. This motivates our cleaners to continuously strive to be the best cleaners we have on our books.


We get the best out of our cleaners. You can count on Magic Maids to provide you with the best value for money cleaning service.


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Magic Maids Advantage

We are fully-equipped

You do not need to worry about always having stock of the correct products and equipment, etc. The cleaners have everything they need. They have the correct product for each task.


The cleaners are familiar with their products and equipment. They know what the products and equipment are meant to be used on and how to dilute them. They do not waste time looking for your products and trying to read labels to determine the purpose of your products and the correct dilution ratios. Time you would normally be paying for.


Our cleaners are equipped with backpack vacuum cleaners. These are the most efficient vacuum cleaners on the market. Magic Maids will vacuum your house in 30% to 40% of the amount of time you would take with a normal household vacuum. We get more done in less time. The time saved is time the customer would normally pay for.

Magic Maids Philosophy

we L.O.V.E. our customers

The philosophy we have adopted and promote through our cleaners is:


L - Let customers know that you C.A.R.E.         (Customers Are Really Everything)


O - Over-deliver on customers expectations


V - Value your existing customers


E - Create Enjoyable Experiences for your          customers

Magic Maids Goals

About our cleaners
Trusted Cleaners

We have copies of all our cleaners police clearance certificates and passports / driver's licences. We have never had any issues. Our cleaners are generally between the ages of 30 and 60. Many of them work in partnership with their husband or wife.

No contracts for customers

We do not sign any contracts with Magic Maids customers. You can cancel at any time (we would prefer 24 hours notice). Therefor, it is essential that you are satisfied with our services. If any of our cleaners does not have the ability to retain customers or satisfy one-off customers, then naturally we will not feed them new customers. We supply work to our best cleaners first.

Serious business for cleaners

Our cleaners have chosen to make a career of cleaning. This is serious business for them. This is how they make a living and support their families. They charge by the hour and earn by the hour. It is very important for them to keep Magic Maids customers happy. We promote a culture of over-delivering on customers expectations. But also, happy customers means happy Magic Maids management. Happy Management results in a full schedule. Which in turn helps pay their bills.

experienced cleaners

We only take on experienced cleaners. Our cleaners are inducted into the Magic Maids cleaning methodology. If we suspect that a cleaner needs further training then we provide them with on the job training.
We encourage every one of our cleaners to make every effort they possibly can to be our best cleaner. The majority of our cleaners take this on board. The benefit is obvious. This is one of the secrets of the success of the Magic Maids group.

We offer the perfect gift idea!

Gift your friend / family member a number of hours worth of cleaning.