Our professional cleaners Perth come fully equipped with all their own materials and all their own equipment, so you do not need to worry about supplying anything. You never have to worry about running out of products. Our team of home cleaners is equipped for house cleaning in Perth.

The idea with our service is that we allocate you a cleaner or a pair of cleaners. We schedule them to clean for you on the same day and at the same time each week or fortnight. Unless they are sick or need to take leave, they will be at your office/shop as per the schedule

There are occasions when our cleaners may fall ill or they may want to take a holiday. If your cleaner/s cannot attend to your cleaning as per the schedule they will advise you with as much notice as possible. Your options are either to wait for your next schedule or to arrange either a replacement cleaner or a replacement day/time slot with the same cleaner/s. Please phone our office to make these arrangements.

If you have no alternative you can give the cleaners a key (we are not responsible therefor). We prefer customers not to give keys to the cleaners. You can leave a key in an arranged place for the cleaner. We recommend purchasing a key lockbox (Available at Bunnings). Your key can be locked inside the lockbox with a code to open the lockbox. That way only people with your code can get the key out and enter your house. Some lockboxes can be left in the meterbox, letterbox or somewhere else as determined by yourself. Others are designed to be locked on to the door handle.

We have copies of all our cleaners police clearance certificates and passports / driver’s licences. We have never had any issues. Our cleaners are generally between the ages of 30 and 60. Many of them work in partnership with their husband or wife.

Feel free to try us out. Put us to the test.

We have no lock in contracts and no upfront payments. As long as you would like us to keep coming to your house or office to clean, then we would like to continue providing you with our services.

If at any time you feel we are not satisfying your cleaning needs you can cancel with immediate effect. No penalties, no cancellation fees.

The number of hours that it takes to clean a house depends on:

The size of the house.
The make up of the house – how many bedrooms, bathrooms, TV rooms, etc
The state of the house – naturally the cleaner the house when we get there, the less time it takes to clean.
What needs to be cleaned – do you want windows, ovens, balconies, light fittings, exhaust fans, etc, cleaned.
Our guidelines for the number of hours (and hence our estimate of cost) to clean a standard house that is in a reasonable state, purely based on number of bedrooms and bathrooms, are:

– bachelor unit or 1 bedroom unit – 5 to 6 hrs – $195 to $234

– 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom unit 6 hrs – $234

– 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom – 8 man hrs – $312

– 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house – 10 – 12 man hrs – $390 to $468

– 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom house – 12 – 14 man hrs – $467 to $546

Your, or a third party’s (real estate agents) expectations.

Our cleaners would prefer not to have to go back to a customer to reclean. If the customer is not there, well then naturally our cleaners will try their best, but neither you nor they know whether the result matches your expectations until you have inspected their work. If they are requested to return to a job, then they do continue to charge $38 per cleaner per hour.

A problem we sometimes come across is where the customer is not available (in person or telephonically) to authorise more time. The cleaners will stop after the authorised/requested amount of time, or may clean for a short while longer, but they will not continue to charge without authorisation from the customer. If we are unable to get authorisation, then the cleaners may not complete the job. This may require us to go back. If the customer is there, then this problem does not occur.

We try our best. The last thing our cleaners want, is to have to go back to a customers house. While we do charge $37 per cleaner per hour if we go back, it is not financially viable to go back for say just 20 minutes, given travel time (for which we do not charge) and costs.

Unfortunately however, if your rental property manager is not there to inspect at the time, then neither you nor our cleaners can know for certain whether your property manager will be satisfied or not. To add to that, we do not know what the condition of your house or apartment was when you moved in. Our customer is satisfied, but their property manager is not. You are welcome to request us to go back and attempt to satisfy the property manager.

CASH – Payment can be cash direct to the cleaners on the day. If you are not going to be there please leave cash in the kitchen.

CREDIT CARD – Alternatively if it is more convenient for you, you can advise our office of your credit card details. Whenever the cleaners advise our office that they have completed your clean, we will take payment ($2 processing fee) and email you out a paid invoice. That way you can confirm that the job was done.

Our cleaners bring their own backpack vacuum and mops. They vacuum and they mop your floors. This does not amount to a professional carpet clean or a professional tile and grout clean. For the best results possible we recommend:

Our cleaners can clean ovens and are equipped with squeegees. This does not make them professional oven or window cleaners. The results they are able to achieve may be sufficient. For the best results possible we recommend: