The word is out. Magic Maids is a brilliant business to associate with and to work with. Our Cleaners Perth love our systems and are loyal to Magic Maids. They know that they will not find a better opportunity in the cleaning industry. We have a very low cleaner turnover rate. We only take on cleaners when our current cleaners have sufficient work. So we’d love to have your application for a cleaning job.

If you are interested in a career with Magic Maids, please complete the form below. We received many job applications every day, so we will not respond to you unless we have a position available. Please do not wait for a position with Magic Maids. Go and look elsewhere in the meantime. If you do not find a position elsewhere, it is worth completing the form below again, say once a week. That will get your name back to the top of our waiting list.

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Careers with Magic Maids

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    We offer the perfect gift idea!

    Gift your friend / family member a number of hours worth of cleaning.