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Hiring Vacate Cleaners to Ensure Your Get Your Bond Back

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For many renters, the end of a lease can be a stressful period, primarily due to the challenge of reclaiming their bond. This security deposit, often a substantial amount, is meant to cover any potential damages or unpaid rent. However, with careful planning and thorough cleaning, tenants can ensure they get their bond back in full. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by hiring professional vacate cleaners. Here at Magic Maids, we understand the intricacies of end-of-lease cleaning and the high standards required by landlords. This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know about hiring vacate cleaners, ensuring a smooth and successful bond return process.

Understanding Bond and Its Conditions

Before we delve into the specifics of vacate cleaning, it’s essential to understand what a bond is and why it might be withheld. A bond, or security deposit, is an amount paid at the beginning of a lease to cover any potential damage or unpaid rent. Landlords may deduct from this bond for various reasons, such as property damage, uncleanliness, or unpaid bills. To ensure you get your bond back, you must leave the property in the same condition as when you moved in, barring normal wear and tear. This means fulfilling the conditions outlined in your lease agreement, including comprehensive cleaning.

The Benefits of Hiring Vacate Cleaners

Hiring vacate cleaners offers numerous advantages that can significantly increase your chances of getting your bond back. Professional vacate cleaners, like those at Magic Maids, bring expertise and efficiency to the task, ensuring your property meets the high standards expected by landlords and property managers.

Expertise and Thoroughness

Professional vacate cleaners are trained to understand what landlords and property managers look for during inspections. Their meticulous attention to detail ensures that every part of the property is thoroughly cleaned, reducing the risk of bond deductions.

Time-Saving and Convenience

Moving out involves a multitude of tasks, from packing and organising to transporting your belongings. By hiring vacate cleaners, you save valuable time and effort, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your move.

Guarantee of Quality

Many professional cleaning services, including Magic Maids, offer a satisfaction guarantee. This means if the landlord or property manager is not satisfied with the cleaning, the cleaners will return to address any issues, ensuring your property meets the required standards.

Cost-Effective in the Long Run

While hiring professional vacate cleaners involves an upfront cost, it can be more economical in the long run. The expense of professional vacate cleaning is often less than the potential deductions from your bond for inadequate cleaning.

Key Areas Vacate Cleaners Focus On

Vacate cleaners from Magic Maids are thorough and methodical with cleaning tasks, ensuring all areas of the property are spotless. Here are the key areas they focus on:


The kitchen is one of the most critical areas that landlords scrutinise. Professional vacate cleaners ensure every part of the kitchen is immaculate. They thoroughly clean appliances like ovens, stoves, microwaves, and refrigerators, removing built-up grease and grime. They also degrease surfaces, deep clean splashbacks, and wipe down cupboards and drawers, ensuring they are free from food residues and stains.


Bathrooms require meticulous attention to detail due to their propensity for accumulating mould and limescale. Vacate cleaners descale showers and taps, remove soap scum, and clean tiles and grout. Mirrors and fixtures are polished to a shine, leaving the bathroom sparkling and fresh.

Living Areas and Bedrooms

Living areas and bedrooms need to be dust-free and spotless. Professional cleaners dust and wipe all surfaces, including skirting boards, light fixtures, and ceiling fans. They deep clean carpets and hard floors, ensuring they are free from dust and stains. Windows and sills are also cleaned, providing a clear view and enhancing the overall appearance of the rooms.

Additional Areas

Other areas that require attention include the laundry room and any outdoor spaces. Vacate cleaners ensure that laundry appliances are cleaned and surfaces are wiped down. Outdoor areas like patios are swept, outdoor furniture is cleaned, and cobwebs are removed, presenting a well-maintained appearance.

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Choosing the Right Vacate Cleaner

Selecting the right vacate cleaner is crucial for ensuring a successful bond return. Here are some tips to help you make an informed decision:

Research and Recommendations

Start by asking friends, family, or your real estate agent for recommendations. Online reviews and testimonials can also provide valuable insights into the reliability and quality of potential cleaners.

Checking Credentials and Reviews

Ensure the cleaners you are considering are licensed and insured. Check their credentials and read online reviews on platforms like Google and Yelp to gauge their reputation. Positive reviews and high ratings are good indicators of a reliable cleaning service.

Understanding the Cleaning Checklist

Request a detailed cleaning checklist from potential cleaners to ensure they cover all necessary areas. This checklist should align with the requirements of your lease agreement, ensuring no area is overlooked.

Getting Quotes and Comparing Prices

Obtain quotes from multiple cleaners to compare prices and services. Beware of prices that seem too low, as they may reflect lower quality service. Ensure the quotes are comprehensive and cover all aspects of the cleaning services done.

Preparation Before Vacate Cleaning

Proper preparation can make the vacate cleaning process smoother and more effective. Here are some steps to take before the cleaners arrive:

Decluttering and Packing

Remove all personal belongings from the property before the cleaners arrive. This allows them to clean more thoroughly and efficiently. Decluttering also helps you identify any areas that may need extra attention.

Repairing Minor Damages

Address any minor repairs, such as filling nail holes or fixing leaky taps, to avoid bond deductions for property damage. Taking care of these small issues can make a big difference in the final inspection.

Disconnecting Utilities

Ensure utilities such as electricity and gas are disconnected only after the cleaning is complete. This ensures the cleaners can use their equipment without any interruptions.

Documenting the Property’s Condition

Take photos of the rental property’s condition before and after cleaning to provide evidence in case of disputes with the landlord. This documentation can be invaluable if any issues arise during the final inspection.

During the Vacate Cleaning Process

During the vacate cleaning process, it’s important to ensure everything goes smoothly. Here’s how:

Supervising the Cleaning (if necessary)

If possible, be present during the cleaning to address any questions or concerns the cleaners might have. Your presence during lease cleaning can help ensure that the cleaners are thorough and address all necessary areas.

Ensuring All Checklist Items Are Covered

Verify that the cleaners are following the agreed-upon checklist and addressing all areas thoroughly. This ensures that nothing is overlooked and that the property meets the required standards.

Addressing Any Missed Spots or Issues Immediately

Inspect the property after cleaning and promptly address any missed spots or issues with the cleaning team. Immediate feedback allows the professional cleaners to rectify any problems before the final inspection.

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Final Inspection and Handover

The final inspection and handover are critical steps in securing your bond return. Here’s what you need to do:

Scheduling the Final Inspection

Arrange a final inspection with your landlord or property manager, ideally within a few days after the cleaning. This allows you to address any issues promptly.

Presenting Receipts of Professional Cleaning

Provide receipts of professional cleaning to demonstrate that the property has been cleaned to a high standard. This can help reassure your landlord that the property has been properly maintained.

Tips for Smooth Handover

  • Be present during the inspection to address any immediate concerns.
  • Ensure all keys, remotes, and access cards are returned.
  • Remove any remaining rubbish or belongings from the property.

Wrapping Up

Getting your bond back is a significant concern for tenants, but hiring professional end-of-lease cleaners from Magic Maids can make the process much smoother. By understanding the importance of thorough cleaning, choosing the right cleaners, and following the proper procedures, you can increase your chances of a full bond return. Remember, the upfront cost of hiring professional vacate cleaners is often outweighed by the potential savings in bond deductions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the average cost of hiring vacate cleaners?

The cost of hiring vacate cleaners varies depending on the size of the rental property and the extent of the vacate cleaning services required. On average, you can expect to pay between $550 and $900 depending on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your home.

Can I do the vacate cleaning myself?

Yes, you can do the vacate cleaning yourself, but it can be time-consuming and challenging to meet the high standards required. Professional cleaners have the expertise and equipment to ensure thorough cleaning.

How long does vacate cleaning take?

The duration of vacate cleaning depends on the size and condition of the property. On average, it can take anywhere from 8 to 16 hours, once again depending on the size of the home.

What happens if the landlord is not satisfied with the cleaning?

If the landlord is not satisfied with the cleaning, they may withhold part of your bond to cover the cost of additional cleaning. However, if you hired professional cleaners, they might offer a satisfaction guarantee and return to rectify any issues.

By following these guidelines and hiring reputable vacate cleaners from Magic Maids, you can maximise your chances of getting your bond back and enjoy a smooth transition to your new home.