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Five Oven Cleaning Tips to Make It Easier For You!

When it comes to cleaning your oven, it is often a task that many homeowners ignore or put off until the last possible moment. Whilst it is not an enjoyable task, it is a necessary one – which is why we’ve put together five oven cleaning tips to make it easy for you.


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1. Keep it clean!

This might sound an obvious one, but by staying on top of the residential cleaning will reduce the amount of time it takes. We recommend cleaning it at least once every six months; that way grease and grime will not build up and you’ll be able to simply wipe it clean.


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2. Use your vacuum

Save time wiping up those little pieces of burnt food and use your vacuum to quickly remove the debris from the entire oven.


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3. Let it soak

Nothing can beat a good soaking, so remove your shelves from the oven and let them soak. Trying to find a big enough tub to place them in can be a little tricky, but a bath is a great option. Add a dishwasher tablet into the water and leave them overnight – come the morning, you’ll be able to rinse them clean with ease.

4.   Use elbow grease to beat the grease!

Nothing beats a bit of elbow grease and to truly remove the toughest baked in grime, you will need to get scrubbing. Using professional oven cleaners or a cleaning solution you made yourself  (baking soda and water is surprisingly effective) slowly work your way through the oven and door.

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5.  Use an old toothbrush

 To reach those hard to reach places or remove those stubborn stains, an old toothbrush can be your all and help you to scrub the oven thoroughly.

Of course whilst these tips can make it easier for you, there is no substitute for the services of professional oven cleaners. Here at BBQ and Oven Cleaning, we are one of the most experienced oven cleaners in Perth and have helped hundreds of customers bring their ovens to a clean and sparkling finish.

So if you are based in or around Perth and want your oven to look like new, then get in touch today and discover our professional oven cleaning services.

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